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2BUiLD CONSULTING offers comprehensive legal assistance for all real estate projects, at their various stages.


  • Performance of due diligence, urban planning and environmental audits
  • Drafting of agreements (contracts of sale, leases, etc.)

Project design

  • Assisting the architect/design consultants with respect to the urban planning framework and the constraints of civil law are respected
  • Procedural organisation
  • Preliminary contacts with the authorities
  • Specific legal questions


General oversight of all processes for obtaining official permits (planning permission, environmental permit, socio-economic permit, soil remediation, etc.) :

  • Oversight of processes for drafting or amending planning documents (development plans, land use plans, etc.)
  • Checking of legal and administrative aspects of application files
  • Oversight of public inquiries and consultation meetings
  • Contacts with the authorities
  • Preparation and oversight of administrative appeals

In the case of proceedings before the Council of State, 2BUiLD CONSULTING works with partner law firms to oversee the proceedings on behalf of its client.


  • Drafting of contracts :
    • Real-estate development and assistance with project management
    • contracts for services
    • leases
    • agreements with public authorities (environmental management plan, drainage, etc.)
  • Oversight of implementation of permissions
  • Amended permissions